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Defensive Strategies Working Group


Installed Capacity Sucommittee

Meeting No.185 -- June 29, 2016

Agenda for Meeting #185

Agenda Item 2
Draft Minutes for Meeting #184

Agenda Item 3
Action Items List

Agenda Item 4.1
Emergency Assistance White Paper -- REVISED
Emergency Assistance Talking Points

Agenda Item 4.2.1
Policy 5 Revision Option 1
     Appendix C Revision
     Flow Chart

Agenda Item 4.2.2
Policy 5 Revision Option 2
     Final 2015 Policy 5-9 modified

Agenda Item 4.3
ConEd Wheel Assumption Summary
Con Ed Response to NYISO

Agenda Item 4.4
2 Proposed Changes to SCR Calculations
     One -- 3/29/16
     Two -- 5/4/2016

Agenda Item 4.5
White Papers
     White Paper PJM 4vs5 Bubble Model
     White Paper MWS Wind

Agenda Item 5
2017 PCB Assumption Matrix V04


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