• Notice
    Please take note that at its meeting on July 14, 2024 the NYSRC Executive Committee approved the Executive Committee, Subcommittee and Working Groups meeting schedules for calendar year 2024.  The details can be found here.
  • Approval of the Extreme Weather Working Group Report on Off Shore Wind Performance
    During its meeting on July 14, 2023, the NYSRC Executive Committee approved a report from the Extreme Weather Working Group on its analysis of wind output. The analyses examined high resolution data characterizing Off Shore Wind (OSW) performance recently provided by NYISO and its consultant DNV. The analysis revealed that wind lulls, defined for the purposes of this analysis as periods of each hour of wind output of less than 5%-20% for extended periods of 24 hours or longer, occur about 30 times per year on average. Wind lulls of 48 hours or longer occur on average about seven times per year, and wind lulls of 72 hours or longer occur on average two times per year. The analysis also found wind lull events to be highly correlated interregional events simultaneously impacting wind output from NJ to Rhode Island.  The report can be found here.
  • NYSRC Notice Regarding Inverter Based Resources (IBR) Actions
    Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (“CLCPA”) Legislation recently enacted in New York State has mandated a very significant increase in Inverter Based Resources (IBR) on the New York State electric system. In light of this legislation, and after extensive review, the New York State Reliability Council (NYSRC) identified the need for, and is in the process of implementing, a number of actions necessary to preserve to New York State Bulk Power System.  The complete notice and summary of the actions may be found here.
  • NYSRC Establishes Goals for 2023
    At its meeting on November 10, 2022, the NYSRC Executive Committee approved its business goals for 2023 and beyond.  The goals can be found here.
  • Availability of the NYSRC DER and Decarbonization Monthly Report
    For industry use, the monthly status report of the industry (New York and beyond) activities related to Decarbonization and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) is available here.