The NYSRC is governed by the NYSRC Executive Committee comprised of thirteen (13) members consisting of representatives from the six (6) current Transmission Owners – Central Hudson Gas & Electric Corporation, Consolidated Edison Company of New York, Inc., Long Island Power Authority, National Grid, USA, New York State Electric & Gas Corporation/Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation, and the Power Authority of the State of New York; one (1) representative of the Wholesale Sellers sector – Independent Power Producers of New York, Inc.; one (1) representative of the Large Consumers sector – Multiple Intervenors; one (1) representative of the Municipals and Electric Cooperatives sector- New York Municipal Power Agency; and four (4) members not affiliated with any Market Participants.

If needed, contact the NYSRC Secretary for more information regarding current committe members at

Three subcommittees are appointed by the Executive Committee: Reliability Rules SubCommittee; Reliability Compliance Monitoring SubCommittee; and Installed Capacity SubCommittee. In addition to the three subcommittees there is a Resource Adequacy Advisory Working Group.