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Draft Reliability Rules Posted for Review and Comment:

Friday November 10, 2023 At it’s meeting on Thursday, November 9, 2023 the NYSRC EC approved posting a revision of a revised PRR #151 for industry comments.  The comment period will end December 26, 2023.  The instructions for submitting comments can be found here.

Posted for 45-Day Comment Period — Proposed Reliability Rule (PRR) #151 — Large Inverter Based Resources (IBR)

New Proposed Reliability Rule — PRR 151 — Establishes minimum interconnection standards in the New York Control Area (NYCA) for Large Inverter Based Resources (IBR) Generating Facilities based on IEEE Standard 2800-2022.  The proposed new Reliability Rule was approved for posting by the NYSRC Executive Committee on March 10, 2023.  We look forward to receiving stakeholder comments.

Need for new rule: The New York Independent System Operator (NYISO) Interconnection Queue as of 1/5/23 has greater than 50,000 MW’s of Large Facility (>20MW) Inverter Based Resources.  The New York State Reliability Council (NYSRC) does not presently have specific IBR interconnection criteria in its Reliability Rules.  PRR 151, when implemented, will be applicable to all NYISO interconnection studies involving IBRs for inverter based projects 20MW or greater beginning in the next Class Year after the completion of the upcoming Class Year 2023.

This proposal is based upon: (1) recent disturbances in Texas and California where IBRs failed to perform reliably creating system supply deficits; (2) the cumulative expected magnitude of IBRs in the NYCA per New York State’s Climate Leadership & Community Protection Act (CLCPA) mandates; (3) NERC’s recommendation for Authorities Governing Interconnection Requirements (AGIR) to immediately adopt IEEE Standard 2800-2022; and (4) FERC’s RM22-12-000 NOPR on Reliability Standards to Address Inverter Based Resources.

PRR 151 is based upon a critical subset of IEEE Standard 2800-2022 requirements, as ammended for the NYCA.  Further revisions to encompass all pertinent IEEE 2800-2022 requirements will be included in subsequent PRR revisions.

The proposed Reliability Rule — PRR 151 is expected to be effective for the next Class Year after Class Year 2023 is completed.  However, each IBR project developer is strongly encouraged to voluntarily follow the rule for current projects as other proceedings such as the FERC’s RM22-12-000 NOPR are pending final decision.

The advantage to adoption of PRR 151 is that it establishes IBR interconnection criteria critical to maintaining the NYCA reliability as the NYCA transitions to renewable resources per CLCPA mandates.

Normal Process Review
Posted on March 13, 2023
Comments are due on or before April 27, 2023
Send comments to Herb Schrayshuen at
PRR 151
PRR 151 Explanatory Presentation
PRR Comments Received

Approved New Rules:

Reliability Rule #149
RR #149 4-8-22
Reliability Rule Revision – RR 149 Clarify the Interpretation of the LOLE Reliability Risk Metric in the NYSRC Resource Adequacy Criterion and the Application of Multiple Reliability Risk Metrics in IRM and Resource Adequacy Assessments

This rule change has two components: (1) To express the NYSRC’s LOLE criterion’s quantification of resource adequacy in terms of “loss of load event-days per year” instead of “days per year,” in order to avoid a possible misinterpretation that the NYSRC ‘s LOLE criterion allows a loss of load duration of 2.4 hours per year, and (2) to require IRM and resource adequacy assessments to include multiple reliability risk metrics in order to more fully describe loss of load events.

The proposed LOLE criterion change is consistent with recommendations in the IEEE Resource Adequacy WG ‘s paper, Clarifying the Interpretation and Use of the LOLE Resource Adequacy Metric, presented at NERC’s Probabilistic Analysis Forum on October 5, 2021. This change would not affect in any way present ICS and NYISO procedures and models for IRM and resource adequacy assessments — it brings the resource adequacy criterion in line with present study applications and criterion interpretations.

Normal Process Review
Posted on April 12, 2022
Comments were due on May 26, 2022
No comments were received
Approved by the NYSRC Executive Committee on June 10, 2022
The modified Rule will be incorporated into the next revision of the NYSRC Reliability Rules and Compliance Manual.

RR 149
RR 149 Red Line

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