Joint SubCommittees Meeting RRS Meeting 204 RCMS Meeting 198 – August 4, 2016

RRS Meeting No. 204

RRS Meeting No. 204

Agenda Item 2.1
Approval of RRS Minutes 203

Agenda Item 2.2
RRS 203 Status Report to EC

Agenda Item 2.3
Action Items List

Agenda Item 3.1
PRR List

     Agenda Item 3.1.1
     PRR 131 – Modeling and Data (NYC Dual Fuel Testing)

     Agenda Item 3.1.2
PRR 133 – F System Restoration

Agenda Item 3.2
Discussion Items

Agenda Item 3.2.1
NYSRC Rule C.4 & NERC EOE – 010 GMD Comparison

Agenda Item 3.3
Bucket List

Agenda Item 5.1
NERC Standard Tracking

Agenda Item 6.1
REV Potential Impact on NYS BPS Reliability

RCMS Meeting No. 198

Meeting 198

Agenda Item 2.1
Draft Minutes for Meeting 197

Agenda Item 2.2
Action Items List

Agenda Item 3.1
2016 Compliance Program

Agenda Item 3.2
June 2016 Ops Report

Agenda Item 3.3
Voltage Reduction Tests
D.1 (R10) Certification
Total NYISO Volt Reduction Table Summer 2016

Agenda Item 3.4
TO Load Shedding
 D.2 (R3) Certification
Exhibit 1 2016 Status of Underfrequency Load Shedding Program

Agenda Item 3.5
Con Edison NYC Operating Requirements
G.1 (R7) Certification

Agenda Item 3.6
Con Edison Loss of Gas Supply
G.2 (R1) Certification

Agenda Item 3.7
LIPA Loss of Gas Supply
G.3 (R1) Certification
TOM-3.004 Application of NYSRC Reliability Rule G-3

Agenda Item 4.1
NYISO Reliability Compliance Tracker